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Dane Rudhyar was born in Paris, France on March 23, 1895. Quite early in his life, Rudhyar intuitively came to realize two things which have deeply influenced his entire life and work: (1) Time is cyclic, and the Law of cycles describes all civilizations as well as all existence; (2) Western Civilization is now in what could be symbolically called the autumn phase of its period of existence. As these realizations developed into a personal commitment to the future which he envisioned, Rudhyar felt the urge to divorce himself from Europe and seek a "New World" - a land into which he could, as it were, sow himself as a seed, carrying within his being the legacy of whatever was viable and constructive in the European past. In the late fall of 1916, he came to America, leaving behind his native land and ancestral French culture as well as his family name, Chenneviere.

The change of name was symbolic of a total dedication to his ideal: the transformation of our civilization, a 'revaluation of all values.' He became known as 'Rudhyar,' a name derived from the Sanskrit root rudra implying dynamic action and the electrical power released during storms. The god Rudra in the Vedas is the Destroyer and Regenerator, the transforming energy, breaker of old molds and the power of will or vital force.

This sense of destiny released through Rudhyar tremendous energy which he has channeled into the development of his philosophical ideas; through Music and the use of tone; through Painting as the Art of Gestures; through Astrology as a symbolic language with the potential to bring individuals in tune with cosmic cycles. Throughout his long life and his use of many different forms of expression, his purpose has become ever more clearly focused and dynamic. He calls forth the need for individuals with holistic vision and a 'transpersonal' approach to life to serve as a foundation of a global society.

We are proud to publish the books of Dana Rudhyar, internationally recognized Astrologer, composer, poet, artist and philosopher, who initiated the concept of a humanistic and transpersonal approach to life.

Aurora/AstrologicalAspectsThumbnail Astrological Aspects
By Dane Rudhyar and Leyla Rudhyar. Rudyar's expansive vision finds its ideal complement in Layla Rael's straightforward approach and clear applications. Together they have outlined a cyclic dynamic view of aspects which goes far beyond the static, cookbook tabulations so prevalent today. Paperback, 6x9, 244 pages. See all books by this author.

Aurora/AstrologyOfPersonalityThumbnail The Astrology of Personality
By Dane Rudhyar. A modern classic, as potent today as when first written in 1936. Rudhyar integrates modern concepts of psychology with elements of both Western and Oriental philosophies. Paperback, 6x9, 445 pages. See all books by this author.

Aurora/AstrologicalInsightsThumbnail Astrological Insights Into the Spiritual Life
By Dane Rudhyar. Provides a penetrating, sensitive, poetic and visual insight into the twelve qualities required for the spiritual life. For astrologers and non-astrologers alike. Twelve exquisite artistic renderings evoke the archetypal, intuitive level of each sign. Paperback, 6x9, 154 pages. See all books by this author.

Aurora/GalacticDimensionThumbnail The Galactic Dimension of Astrology
By Dane Rudhyar. The sun is also a star. When the sun is seen as the star it fundamentally is, a galactic frame of reference takes form in the consciousness of man. The entire solar system is seen in a new light, the light of the relationship it has to the Galaxy. Paperback, 224 pages. See all books by this author.

Aurora/LunationCycleThumbnail Lunation Cycle
By Dane Rudhyar. A unique technical breakthrough revealing the significance of the cyclic relationship of the Sun and Moon as phases of a larger process. Paperback, 208 pages. See all books by this author.

Aurora/PersonCenteredAstrologyThumbnail Person Centered Astrology
By Dane Rudhyar. Lucid and inspiring material on the purpose and value of Astrology in New Age Guidance, and the difference between an event-oriented approach and a person-centered view. Paperback, 385 pages. See all books by this author.

Aurora/PlanetarizationOfConsciousnessThumbnail The Planetarization of Consciousness
By Dane Rudhyar. This is Rudhyar's major philosopical and psychological work, the concentrated outcome of a lifetime concerned with the most basic problems of human existaence and the meaning of radical social-cultural crisis mankind is experiencing. Paperback, 336 pages. See all books by this author.

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