Books by James V. McTevia

Bankrupt: A Society Living in the Future


By James V. McTevia
“All those who are firmly convinced that it makes no sense for individuals, businesses, and government to repeatedly borrow, postponing the inevitable, will take great delight in McTevia’s book… one of the most enlightening, informative, fun-to-read, right-to-the-point books you’ve ever seen on the subject of spending beyond your means.” --Mary Brewer, Boothbay Register View more detail
6 x 9, Paperback (with flaps), 240 pages.

Culture_10Pct.JPG The Culture of Debt: How a Once-Proud Society Mortgaged Its Future
By James V. McTevia
“Jim McTevia’s The Culture of Debt grabs the reader by the lapels and shakes hard, telling us to wake up and get real, that it’s not too late for us – and especially our surrogates in Washington – to heed the sound fiscal principles we know we must. This is a book that each and every adult should read and ponder.” —Doron Levin, author and former journalist for New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg View more detail
ISBN 978-0-9845651-0-8, 6 x 9, Paperback with flaps, 240 pages.

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