Oakland, The Story of a City


Originally published in 1982, Beth Bagwell’s highly readable and reliable book has long been the standard work on Oakland local history. This 336-page second edition faithfully replicates the entire original text and index, using new scans of the numerous images, and reset type for better legibility. Historic photos and maps from the Oakland History Room of the Oakland Public Library and other sources enrich a lively story.
For this new edition, a 32-page afterword by Erika Mailman recounts some of the events of recent decades. Mailman, historical novelist and 12-year history columnist for The Montclarion newspaper, focuses on key developments in the city, and includes 17 new images. Accounts of the cataclysmic 1989 earthquake and 1991 fire are accompanied with summaries of some major demographic and development trends as the city moved into the twenty-first century.