By Therese Ambrosi Smith

Pearl Harbor is attacked, and three young women take jobs in industry. Before the war ends, one will lose a nephew to combat, one will receive a mysterious inheritance, and one will refuse a marriage proposal, after admitting that she’s never been attracted to men. They’ll forge lifelong bonds and discover a shared past. When the war ends, they’ll reject aprons and heels for a candle making business, only to have it burned by an arsonist for reasons they cannot fathom.

Wax is a story of strong female friendship, sexual discovery, and long-held secrets, set in the 1940’s, as the seeds of the civil rights and feminists movements are sown -- along with victory gardens. It’s fiction inspired by the real lives of “Rosies” who came of age during WWII.
“Therese Smith gives an insightful portrait of a lost era - of the sudden sense of obligation and individual freedom that came to the women who worked in the shipyards in World War II. This book is significant historically, but it will also please readers with its likable characters, who find their own alternative America in their newfound responsibility and allegiance - not just to saving democracy, but to saving themselves and each other.”
- JAMES TIPTON, bestselling author of Annette Vallon, A novel of the French Revolution.

8 1/2 x 5 1/2, Trade Paperback, 328 pages