The Commonsense Rules

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By Paul J. Harrington

Finally an unbiased and nonpartisan analysis of what ails the United States of America—and what can be done about it!

The main premise of the book is that the United States is in a serious decline that cannot be reversed without major transformative changes. The severity of the problems can be proven by applying practical economic theory and basic mathematical formulas to economic and fiscal data. But the underlying causes are rooted in the historical framing and interpretations of the Constitution. And the symptoms are the dysfunctional political and governmental system, poor social services, and growing inequality of income and wealth.
The end result will be the default of the federal government on its debt, triggering a domino effect of state and local government defaults, economic collapse, and social disintegration. There is no way to prevent the impending disaster within the existing political system and structure of government. The book explains an economic and fiscal “catch 22”—how the American economy has become dependent on the deficit spending that will ultimately cause its destruction. All government spending in the United States, including transfers under benefit programs, now equates to about half of the real economy.
Solutions to the major problems facing America can be derived from the natural rights identified in the book. Disaster can be averted but only if Americans recognize that major constitutional changes are necessary. The author’s answer? A new constitution—formed by applying the “commonsense rules” to the role of government in the twenty-first century. Harrington leads the reader to the stunning conclusion that poverty can be eliminated, better health care provided, and quality education ensured—for all citizens—while the debt and deficit problems of government are eliminated.

6 x 9, Hardcover, 576 pages