The Hunger Within (Hard Cover)


The Hunger Within Top 100 Bestsellers List: Eating Disorders and Compulsive Behavior
—Dictionary of Mental Health

The Hunger Within, a nationally recognized treatment program, takes the focus off food and guides you through a 12 week course of treatment designed to unravel the psychological underpinnings (your life script) which keep you stuck in old behavior patterns related to food and eating.This concrete, lucid, step-by-step guidebook will help you uncover, discover and disentangle the internal script that fuels and drives emotional eating.

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“This book is simply incredible. The fact that it is set up like a seminar/workshop with exercises (as in assignments) is just wonderful. It really allows you to get involved with the book and with overcoming your problem. You don’t just learn about your problem-you actually take the physical steps in moving forward.”

“The answers really do lie within this book! Marilyn goes through three different characters’ perspectives throughout their journey from enlightenment to recovery. She offers many exercises throughout the book along with the three characters’ responses to each situation. Watching their recovery itself in a group therapy-like surrounding really helped me feel like I wasn’t alone . . . ”

“It made me cry. I know that it is hard to believe that a ‘diet’ book made me cry, but it really did! I’ve been on the diet roller coaster since I was 11 years old. I’ve been anorexic, bulimic and still suffer from binge eating. I was at my wit’s end when I ordered The Hunger Within. I didn’t think that a self-help book would give me any new ideas or solutions but I decided I would try it. I just started reading the book yesterday. It has definitely been a breakthrough . . . ”

“A Life Saver. Not a ‘quick fix’ diet book, but a permanent fix! Sensible, easy to follow program that works and LASTS!!! Helps you understand WHY you overeat, not just what you should eat. Beautiful relevant quotes in each chapter were a lovely touch.”

“Truly an excellent book!!! . . . After trying every diet on the market, finally The Hunger Within focuses you on the real reasons why we eat, allowing food to become a source of nourishment and not self-destruction. A GREAT BOOK.”

Marilyn Migliore Marilyn Ann Migliore, MS, RD, ACSW, BCD is a nutritionist and board certified diplomat in clinical social work who has treated a wide range of patients struggling with eating and weight disorders for more than 30 years. She completed her graduate degree and training at the University of Michigan where she is currently conducting her nationally recognized workshops. Ms. Migliore is the founder of The Hunger Within workshop which was originally developed and conducted at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt/A University Hospital of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. She is a sought after speaker and her work has been reported on television, radio, and in the printed press. This book is the revised and updated 10th anniversary edition of The Hunger Within, and is designed for the last-ditch dieter.


ISBN 978-0-9820930-3-0, 7 3/8 x 9 1/4, Hard Cover, 224 pages