Bankrupt: A Society Living in the Future


James V. McTevia has seen the ravages of debt addiction in every form, from every angle.

As a kid pushing a lawn mower to pay off his own impetuous debts. As a repo man, a bank loan officer, and a pioneer of the field of turnaround management. Finally as a nationally renowned business and management authority, James V. McTevia has dissected and dealt with the devastating consequences of crushing debt.

He knows first-hand the toll that irrational, excessive debt takes on people, institutions, and society.

In this all-too-prophetic book, McTevia offers an expert but common sense analysis of unrealistic debt.

M. Scott Peck, M.D., in his foreword to this book, explains why he regards Bankrupt: A Society Living in the Future to be “a mental health bargain for an enormous number of men and women who need to absorb the simple principles of fiscal sanity.”

Everyone who reads this book will see the consequences of personal, corporate and government indebtedness, the ultimate price tag for spending the wealth of future generations today.

In September 2010, MB Communications will publish a new book by Jim McTevia. In the prologue for that book, McTevia reflects without satisfaction how acute his vision was in 1992 of the future:

“The calendar now reads 2010… For more than a year news media have been consumed almost every day by a version of the fiscal story no one wanted to talk about in 1993. late in 2008 our society’s runaway train of debt, unfunded entitlements, and endless promises of still more goodies tore around a curve leaning – from engine to caboose – within an inch of tipping into a bottomless fiscal gorge. Many or most of the world’s economies stood a good chance of being dragged onto the same debris heap. In short, the message of Bankrupt has proved accurate.”

In his forthcoming book, McTevia focuses his unique perspective on why and how society got itself into this fix and bluntly prescribes what must be done to avert that “chunk of hot lead that has already been fired that has all our names on it.”

6 x 9, Paperback (with flaps), 240 pages.