Rebel Puritan


Rebel Puritan front cover When twelve-year old Herodias Long survives bubonic plague that kills her father and ravages England in 1636, she thinks that she is lucky.

When she impulsively marries a handsome stranger a year later and sails to New England, Herodias thinks that she has escaped a life of servitude.

When her family casts off Puritan repression in Massachusetts and settles in Rhode Island, Herodias thinks that she has found freedom at last.

However, the child-bride still lives in a world where her children and inheritance belong to her husband. When she learns that it is far easier to marry a jealous man than to be freed from him, Herodias Long realizes that her troubles have just begun…

344 pages, paperback, 6 x 9, ISBN 978-0-9829780-0-9

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